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 Obedience Training, ServiceDog Training

Temperament Testing

Sherlock can help you find the perfect canine family member, and provide customized obedience training.  Our Service dog program provides hands on training in your home. A new way to train, a better way.

Obedience Training


We provide in home obedience training at affordable prices.  Our obedience program brings the training to you, making  your decision to train much easier to fit into your schedule.  You and your dog train in  your dog's environment, enabling your dog to feel secure,  and providing you with training solutions where you need them most.


Our Obedience program provides:

  1. Assessment of training needs prior to training

  2. A customized training program designed for you and your dog

  3. puppy class

  4. Basic obedience

  5. Intermediate obedience

  6. Advanced obedience

  7. Solutions for behavioral issues

  8. CGC testing

A trained handler -dog team is a happy team..  Sherlock uses positive motivational training methods in all of our obedience training.

Service Dog training

Sherlock provides in home service dog training.  It is our belief that in home training excelerates the bond between handler and canine, creating a solid working team. 


Our unique program tailors your training time aournd your schedule.  The in-home approach allows handler and service dog to train in the environment they will live and work in.  Training is relaxed, and paced at the client's abilities. In- home training eliminates the stress of long training camps, and loss of time at school or work.

Sherlock Provides service dogs for:

  1. Seizure and medical Response

  2. PTSD

  3. Physical mobility

  4. Autism (on a case-by-case basis)


For an out-of-the-box approach to meeting your service dog needs  contact Sherlock. We search for the possible in every situation.


Temperament Testing

Are you looking for a new puppy, perhaps hoping to rescue a shelter dog?  Here are a few statistics to think about. The ASPCA estimates that animal shelters take in 6.5 million dogs and cats every year in the United States, of whom approximately 1.5 million are euthanized. 670,000 of those euthanized are dogs. Over 20% of people who leave dogs in shelters adopted them from a shelter.

Make sure your new puppy or dog will fit into your family and lifestyle.  Picking a new family dog is much like beginning a marraige.  For the relationship to work, both canine and human must be compatibale.


Sherlock provides compatibility and temperanet testing to help ensure you find a canine family member that will fit into your home and your heart. 

We Provide:

  1. Compatibility matching to determine which breeds would be the best choice for you

  2. Find a dog for you to rescue from. shelter or find a reputable breeder for you. We complete aptitude and personality tests on each dog being considered.

  3. Accompany you to meet potential puppies or dogs.  With Sherlock you can find your next canine companion with confidence. It is our goal to reduce the number of dogs that are returned to shelters after adoptions.

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